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The 107 bar staff are a phenomenal group of bartenders and creative minds that love making your event extra special.  What sets us apart is in an on-site liquor license and 20 foot wood top stained bar that is stocked with 100+ spirits, wine and beer.  Anything from casual to high end bourbons and scotches.  You have the option to pre-pay for some of your guests drinks and then allow them to run tabs and pay for anything else from behind our bar they would like.  We make it easy, simple and affordable.


Hydration Station $3 Per Person

  • Lemonade, Sweet Tea, Water

  • 3 Dispensers (Gold or Silver/Black Trim)

  • Garnish Tray, Ice, Cups & Napkins

Soda Station $3 Per Person

  • Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger ale & Sprite

  • Served from behind Bar - No cans

  • $1 per person when added to Hydration Station

Mocktail Station $10 Per Person

Mocktails are a wonderful way to have alcohol free cocktails with all the same beautiful presentation of a traditional cocktail.  We have a selection to choose from or we will be more than happy to create one specifically for your event.

  • Your choice of 3 mocktails (ask for latest selection)

  • Served from behind the bar with garnishes

Wine, Spirits & Beer

Drink packages are served for 4 hours and include:

  • Alcohol

  • Mixers, Garnishes & Ice

  • Disposable Drinkware, Napkins & Straws

  • One bartender is required for every 75 guests

Champagne Toast $4 Per Person

Includes: disposable wine flutes and Wycliff Champagne.  Other Champagne can be requested for an additional fee.

Specialty Cocktail

$5 Per Person when added to a bar package

$15 Per Person when not added to a package

Wine + Beer

Selections & Pricing Coming Soon

Wine + Beer + Spirits

Selections & Pricing Coming Soon

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